The Best Books and Resources For Learning Arduino

The Official Arduino Reference First of all, be sure to check out the official Arduino Reference. It describes every function, variable, and structure available in the standard Arduino. Don’t skip this reference if you have not already looked through the Arduino reference. Make: Action, Light and Sound The book that really got me into coding …

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How to Find Out Which Books are Used for College Courses – And buy them for yourself to learn on your own.

You may want to look up the books used in college courses so you can study the book and learn the material on your own.  First you will need to know what the course numbers are for a certain major. Lets look at the Computer Science major at Iowa State University Here is a link …

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Colorado Maker Social Media Links

Facebook Group [i am a maker] Collective:  Facebook Page [i am a maker]:­Facebook Page [MakeItColorado]:­Facebook Page [HeboCon Denver]:­Facebook Page [Denver Area Factory Tours]:­Twitter [iamamaker]:­Twitter [Make[It]Colorado]:­Instagram [MakeItColorado]:­Patreon [i am a maker]:­Etsy [i am a maker]:…­Website [i am a maker]:­Email List [i am a maker]:­

Getting Started With The Sherline Mini-Mill

Helpful Documentation 1. Sureline MIni-Mill Manual: 2. You will need to enable Flash to access these videos 3. This video for Mach 3 Software: 4. Sureline Videos: Mach 3 Software Video Add Your Heading Text Here Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. …

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Unifi QoS: Best Practice

USG: Switch: Controller: atag_5.10.25_11682 RANDALL V.You will need to configure it via CLI please refer to the following KB article: USG and EdgeRouter have same CLI. Please go through the EdgeRouter article to configure your USG through CLI. Once USG is configured, make sure you customize USG config through config.gateway.json Once the configuration …

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Getting Started With SEMRush

1. Recorded Demo1: 2. Recorded Demo 2: Additional Support Links:SEMrush Walkthroughs: Youtube Channel: eBooks: Listing Management: If you have any specific questions about SEMrush or the tools included:SEMrush Knowledge Base:

Make ISO usb on a Mac

$ diskutil list Remember the disk# that is your flash drive $ diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk# $ sudo dd if= path to file (You can drag and drop the file) of=/dev/disk# bs=1m The iso will process. This will take 10-60 minutes. (It will take some time) $ diskutil eject /dev/disk2

10 Best Elementor Themes   Add Your Heading Text Here

Design Doc

A design document servers many purposes. A design document is something that should be completed at the start of any project. Let’s go through the purpose and benefits of a design document – and how to use one. You can download a Design Doc Template here: Design Doc – Template.pdf Design Doc – Template.docx Purpose …

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Google Optimize – A/B Testing Websites

Suggested Resources Optimize Marketing Page: Principles of mobile site design: Use your data! Google AdWords and Google Analytics reports Getting Started A/B test your landing page with a redirect experiment / experience. It is pretty easy. Google offers this guide. Use a wordpress page duplicator plugin. Duplicate your landing page Change the URL …

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Port Forwarding

What Is Port Forwarding Port forwarding allows access to an application from outside your network. Port forwarding is done on your router. When you port forward, DNS requests to your routers external IP forwards to another external IP. Here is a good (but fast) explanation of how this works.   Isaac’s Computer Tips Issac, put a great …

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