Google Optimize – A/B Testing Websites

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Optimize Marketing Page:

Principles of mobile site design:

Use your data!

Getting Started

A/B test your landing page with a redirect experiment / experience. It is pretty easy. Google offers this guide.

  • Use a wordpress page duplicator plugin.
  • Duplicate your landing page
  • Change the URL of your new page to something like
  • Follow this guide to put a canonical link tag in the header of the duplicate page
    •    In the canonical link tag you will include the link of the page you want google to continue indexing. i.e.
    •  This will keep google indexing your real domain and not penalizing you for having duplicate content
  • You can also set the page to “No Index” in the wordpress SEO plugin Rank Math. 
  •  Then set up the experience, again following Google’s guide.
You may experience some flicker when your page loads. Here is the Google documentation about how to fix this. If you can just put it on the pages on which you are running experiments. The flicker fixing code will add a delay to your load time.  

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