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Story Brand

Do you want a framework for how to communicate to your customers? Here it is, the Story Brand book is great, and available in audio – so you can knock it out during your commute. Donald Miller is a seriously sharp individual. This YouTube Video to get started. 

The StoryBrand podcast shot up to the 10 ten podcasts list in iTunes within a couple of weeks of it’s debut. Donald Miller’s co-host has a phd in communications and leads science backed insight to how to make your brand convert. Story Brand offers an online course and private workshops.

Are Your Policies Holding Your Company Back?

Eliyahu M Goldratt,  the originator of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and other TOC derived tools, continued his work into marketing.

Check out this book, It’s Not Luck. In his polished method of teaching through examples, Mr, Goldratt builds your understanding of his methods by presenting the thinking behind his philosophies in story form. 

You will learn about how to construct a current reality tree – which help you understand the fundamental item that is holding your company back. It is often some policy. Change the policy and change your business. All the other problems fall away. Well, then you get new problems to solve.

He also talks about cloud thinking. Good stuff.


We use Later. They are awesome, use later.

They Ask, You Anser

This is how you figure out what content to write on your website? Your customers ask questions, you answer those questions on your website. Works great.

This is the book and its awesome.

Drip Campaigns

Write an e-book and give it away in exchange for an e-mail address. Then send thos people your best blogs via an automated drip campaign.This is still one of the best forms of marketing.

We use Mailer Lite. They are really good. If you are also looking for a CRM and have $90 per month to spend, I would use Infusionsoft. 


Rank Math is a wordpress plugin that links with Google Search Console and spits out a actual SEO score for each of your pages. This article from Rank Math explains what you need to do to rank well and how to audit your SEO.


Make Good Use of H1 Tags

This article by Neal Patel is good.

Keyword Planning

Use a keyword planner to find keywords that are popular and easy to rank for.

Here is a good article about keyword research.

You can use the Google Keyword Planner to find your keywords. It is tucked away inside you Google Ads account.

You can also use Ubersuggest.

Math Rank suggests using Power Words.

You need to use keywords but don’t keyword stuff, beware the penguin. Google has an AI that reads your blogs and ranks you for user experience. Don’t try to trick them, the best way to rank well is to offer great content. 

Mobile First Design

Here is a good article about Mobile first. 

Here is a good article about mobile design for blogs. Seriously the article looks great on mobile. But, terrible on a desktop. 

Use a Table Of Contents Plugin

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