Molded Fiber – Molding Process


  • Ingredients added to giant blender
    • Recycled paper of all kinds
    • 65 deg C water
    • Blend for 20 minutes

The pulp exits from bottom through a screen that screens out plastic & metal

Cavity Mold

  • Cavity mold (formation mold) descends into paper pulp mixture 
  • Vacuum pulls fiber on to mold
  • Water jets rinse off the excess

Transfer Mold

  • Transfer molds are lubricated with a water based lubricant
    • So flats do not stick
  • Vacuums the mold off of the cavity mold 
  • Vacuum off / blow into mold to place on conveyer

Mold Constuction

  • Made from bronze, aluminum, or plastic
  • Covered with stainless steel mesh
    • For even vacuum

Drying Parts

  • 6-12 minutes at 205C Heat
    • Time depends on weight
  • Evaporates water 
  • Bonds fibers for strength 

Watertight Parts

  • Chemicals added to make liquid tight
  • Molded like reverse blow mold
  • Mesh on inside of mold
  • Vacuum applied sucks pulp into mold
  • Water jet washes excess pulp
  • Dried longer so water tight chemicals cure

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