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  • MoodleCloud Info: If you are interested in a smaller plan, we encourage you to review the MoodleCloud plans available on our website. Currently, our largest MoodleCloud paid plan is limited to 500 users and 1Gb of file storage. MoodleCloud is designed for smaller Moodle sites that do not require too much customization. We don’t have a sales team and our system is automated to make it easy to create a site(s). This is how we are able to keep hosting prices low and affordable for many users around the world.

  • Moodle: If you require a larger site, we recommend that you contact one of our Moodle Partners (more information below). Moodle Partners offer a range of services including hosting, support, training, consultancy, implementation, integrations, customizations, reporting, analytics, and course content creation.

  • Moodle Workplace: Moodle Workplace is the best of Moodle, fine-tuned for organisational learning and was developed in collaboration between Moodle HQ and Moodle Partners worldwide with extensive experience delivering services for workplace training. Moodle Workplace will only be available through Moodle Partners. Because this is a new product offering, we are running a pilot with select Moodle Partners from mid-March till June 2019 and will connect you with a Partner when the pilot commences. During this period, our Partners will be able to liaise with you to understand your requirements, demonstrate and help you with implementation. Moodle Workplace is built on top of Moodle Core 3.7, so can be deployed to production environments after the release of 3.7 which is planned in May 2019. You can find information about Moodle Workplace here: and we will be distributing additional Moodle Workplace martial for customers in the lead-up to and during the pilot.

Here is a list of resources that you may find helpful on other Moodle topics:

  • Moodle Community forums – Here you will find links to many Moodle subject forums and loads of useful conversations about configuring Moodle.

  • Moodle Documentation – Search for documentation on any Moodle topic, including site administration, managing courses, enrolment, activities and loads more.

  • If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, post a question in the Moodle forums and one of the many Moodle experts in the community is likely to have an answer for you.

Looking for Moodle support? Moodle Partners can help!

  • Moodle Partners ( are a global network of independent companies providing Moodle-related services for a fair price.

  • Moodle Partner services include support, hosting, installation, training, consulting, custom theme development, and more.

  • Moodle Partners support the Moodle project financially, so by using their services you are supporting Moodle too.

  • Contact a Moodle Partner if you’d like a demo or would like to learn about the Moodle services they offer. See for a complete list of Moodle Partners, including contact links.

  • If you need assistance in finding the right Moodle Partner for your needs, just reply to this message with specific information and we’ll be happy to help.

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