Permalink Best Practices

What's The Point?

The permalink is the URL of your blog. These URLs are often displayed in full text on social media, in e-mails, on marketing copy, on notepads of paper, across the internet, at the top of customer’s browsers and generally all over the place. Because the permalink is visible in so many places, it is best to keep the permalink as short as possible. This makes it easy to read. Both for people & for the mighty search engines of the world.

Setting The Permalink

The permalink setting in WordPress in in Settings >> Permalinks. Set permalinks to postname because this is the shortest possible option. Resist the temptation to use /blog/%Postname%/

The default permalink is the post title.

To make a custom permalink use the Custom Permalinks plugin. You will need to save a draft of the website before you can update the permalink.

See the url of this post for an example. it is /short-permalinks.

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