Unifi QoS: Best Practice



Controller: atag_5.10.25_11682

RANDALL V.You will need to configure it via CLI please refer to the following KB article:

USG and EdgeRouter have same CLI. Please go through the EdgeRouter article to configure your USG through CLI. Once USG is configured, make sure you customize USG config through config.gateway.json

Once the configuration via CLI is done and tested, we will need to create the JSON file for this custom configuration. Configuration changes made via CLI are not persistent. They will be overwritten by the controller on next provision or reboot event. Here is the KB article which explains how to create the JSON file and implement in the controller to make the changes survive reboot or provision event. https://help.ubnt.com/hc/en-us/articles/215458888-UniFi-How-to-further-customize-USG-configuration-with-config-gateway-json

 is there a paid support that can do this for us?

You can refer to the following community link:

Custom configurations made on the USG through CLI. Custom configurations are not supported over chat or email.
If you face any issue with advanced configuration, I’d suggest posting your query on our community forum https://community.ubnt.com where you can interact with thousands of online Ubiquiti experts and our developer team.

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