Where to Buy Machinist Fixturing and Tooling

4. McMaster Carr

McMaster has a well curated set of tools in their catalog.  Most is made in the US but expect to pay about 10% more.

However, they ship everything priority overnight. For ground rates it’s about $7 for a 15 lb box. The shipping often offsets the higher sticker prices.

3. MSC Industrial Supply

MSC industrial supply has a good selection of tools at good prices. They have a good mix of Chinese and US tooling. 

Be sure to sign up for their news letter. Occasionally they run promo codes, some of which are up to 40% off your order + free shipping.

When you can make an order with one of those promo codes you can get a good deal.

2. Shars.com

Shars tool is a good place to buy low-priced import tools.  Shars tends to be 10-15% more expensive compared to shopping at Ebay or Amazon but you get what you pay for. Shars specializes in selling tools, they are US based, and do their own quality control.  

You will notice their shipping rates are higher than others.

1. Ebay & Amazon

Ebay and amazon are good places to find budget fixturing and tooling.

Many sellers offer new Chinese tooling, but it’s always a bit of a gamble as to what you’ll get.

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